Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Walkway Reflections

Dori says...

I am a sinner. I have nothing to be proud of when I let sin run my life.

Thank you Jesus for not saying no to God's will and for cleansing my sins for me. You died for me.

From this day forward, I pledge to follow your example. I will carry my own cross and be Your reflection to others as well.

Help me Jesus. Come into my heart and send your Holy Spirit to guide me and keep me faithful amidst the temptations of this world.

I am nothing without you my Lord. I bring you back all the glory and honor for all that life is offering me right now.

I know you love me dearly and you continue to teach me valuable lessons everyday. May I always be open and ready to receive all your blessings.

I am under your powerful grace. I surrender to you all that I have and believe with all my heart that you will unceasingly provide for all that I need.

My hope is in you oh Lord. I am your servant. Make me worthy of joining you in eternity.

I dare not challenge your will. I surrender.

With you, all things are possible. I believe in miracles. I believe in your mighty love.

I wrote this spiritual letter a decade ago and still remains my favorite of all love letters I have written to the Lord. There are really just moments when I feel like reading my love letters to Him again..

My Abba Father, My God,

I come to You broken.

I need You to pierce my inner man with Your goodness and recover me with compassion.

I have delved myself deeply into the world's muddy waters. I have eaten its lust and have slowly felt the worms eating what's left of me.

Shame is such a shameful word. But hope is what You offer. You specialize in giving Your people fresh starts, new beginnings.

I am so tired.

I need strength that comes from You alone. The strength that would hold my head up high and lead my feet to steady ground and the rock that's higher than high.

Take me from this puddle of mud and make me whole again. Begin from creation; breathe life into my soul.

There is a need for my spirit to stretch and take stride.

I am human. But You are God.

I commit mistakes. But You forgive.

Bury everything which is not pleasing to You.. for all that I have put You wrongly through. Let it be forgotten.

Put a new song in my heart and a shining perspective to my life.

Forgive me Father.

Bless me.

For a while I have forgotten You, or maybe ignored what's about you intentionally.

But You never did the same to me. You know me.

You never misspelled my name. A-U-J-A-N.
And You never mispronounced it. not even once.

In J-e-s-u-s' name,

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  1. I was thinking if I can just tweet Him or send a message on Facebook, but I guess some things are better said the old-fashion way.

    I have many things to be grateful for in my life and all those I credit to Him. He made all of it happen. :)


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