Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hey Tomboy!

Many say that to be teased and shouted at as ‘Tomboy!’ is as worse as being called and shouted at as ‘Bakla (gay)!’ in any public place or within the midst of your loved ones. But if you would take a closer study at the word, you would have a whole new perspective of it. You might even admire it genuine meaning.

Tomboys can be related to any age of a female individual. It refers usually to females who get engaged in male type of activities. I, myself, was engrossed with various sports when I was a kid, from basketball, karate, and even wrestling with my younger brother. As I was growing up, I had the gestures of being such a boyish kid – with the way I walk, act and even in my choice of clothes. Even when I reached the professional phase of my life, every now and then, it would be normal for me to hear rumors of me being thought of as a lesbian.

But did you know that just as the so-called tomboys find it easy to navigate well in the guy’s world, they are also capable of becoming very feminine and sexy when they want to. I would have to agree with this too. Maybe this is because you create a greater sense of attraction when you seem to be ‘one of the boys’, and most of the guys within your circle of friends get mystified by you and suddenly realize that you are actually beautiful. Believe me. The ones that spread the rumors then that I was a lesbian were the ones whom I actually dated once in my life too.

Tomboys are not into the highly feminine stuff not necessarily because they are attracted to girls, but because they are not limited to expressing themselves in just one form. If you would notice, the girly types are the ones that have more disturbed personalities since they always want to please others by looking good all the time and thus strives double time to conform while the tomboys are the more versatile ones.

Don’t you think that a girl who can fix tires or play basketball better than you do is sexier than your usual centerfold type of girls? If you don’t, then you are missing a lot. If you are one kind of a tomboyish lady, then here’s one great salute!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

And We’re Back – With A ‘Chloe’ Movie To Start With

Chloe: I try to find something to love in everybody. Even if it's a small thing. Something about the way someone smiles. There's always something, there has to be. I try to make myself generous. I do things I don't want to do. I... I think about what not to criticize. And the strangest things come back to me.
Catherine Stewart: Like?
Chloe: You.
Catherine Stewart: Me?
Chloe: Yeah. Yeah people like you walk into my life.

It has been five long months since we have never gotten to blog. A lot has happened and most were good, fortunately. We have transferred to a new home. Pio is back in school. Dori just recently grew older for another year. I am about to grow older this November. We have started our first international travel just recently in Macau and HongKong. And we have a new look for our blog.

Two nights ago we saw a film which we never thought is an erotic thriller – ‘Chloe’. This is the good and bad part of not reading plots before watching the flick. It was a perfect pre-Halloween movie treat for us after getting tired of the usual scares of monsters and robots and sci-fi and screams. Here we have a dissonant drama that would make anyone feel utterly real. ‘Chloe’ is a very intense film that we would not recommend it watching to get some sleep. For it will surely not put you to sleep at all – the film is strong enough to move you and make you think for the rest of the night.

Even if it tells the story of a middle aged woman who is experiencing great midlife crisis, what holds the most weight for the film would be the moving relationship that transpires between the roles of Catherine and Chloe played by Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried respectively. As the affiliation takes many forms and with the warming up of their characters with their every business arrangement, you would start detecting the truth behind the lies being chameleoned in the film.

‘Chloe’ is more than just a story of a woman who hires a prostitute to test the fidelity of her husband and ending up with a more twisted trap that the wife finds herself in. It is about knowing one’s self through another person and ending up with the decision of whether or not you would like that person you would turn out to be. One thing is for sure: we would look forward to another film yet to be released where Moore will star with Annette Bening playing as a lesbian couple in ‘The Kids Are All Right’. As for Seyfried, you would be amazed that she is capable of delivering a more intense and impressive performance than just settling for a cheesy ‘Dear John’ film.

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