Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gratitude Challenge: Day 12

"You can handle anything if you think you can. Just keep your cool and your sense of humor."
- Smiley Blanton

Auj says...

Lately, I have been trying my best to keep myself calm. Today, I had the chance before I took my siesta nap to think about how I have been in the past -- how irritable I can get and how mad I can be when I am angry; that I sometimes reach the point of wanting to tear all that my hands can touch and scream on top of my lungs until no more sound comes out.

Today, as the challenge goes, instead of putting my focus on everyone and everything that surrounds me, I focused on myself. I hate myself when I release my anger in the wrong way. When I feel stressed or irritated, I put a 'bang' on things. But weeks ago, something came to me and changed something in me to push me to stay calm even in the midst of complete exasperation. Anointing fall on me. I want to share a few of my personal tips on how I have been winning over my dark shaded side:

I started a zero-tolerance policy on my temper. I have the power to change my moods. For good.

To think that not everything can go well in each day. And so I remain ready for everything.

Starting my day right. Waking early, cleaning up, having coffee, working early.

My regular routine for Bible reading and quiet time, each time everyone else is still sleeping.

Taking few, very DEEP breaths, to reduce my stress level. Similar to being a singer, diaphragmatic breathing helps a lot.

Visualizing myself as cool and calm all the time.

To steer away from catastrophizing. And this involves resisting the temptation to make things blow out of proportion.

I distract myself. As much as possible, I try to laugh at the situation. I'd rather use humor more in my life, for my own advantage. For my own health's sake. :)

To accept that I have no other choice but to cope.

And then, I fell asleep. One of the sweetest naps I had after I've put in my hardest on a long week that just passed. Oh yes, I work weekends. You can say that again. *lol

Dori says...

I just woke up. I still woke up. I am awake. I am awakened. I am alive. That means I have to prepare being surprised by the Lord and try having a purposeful existence today. Today. Not any yesterdays or tomorrows.

Since it's also the first day of February, a brand new month, I am making an oath to steer a million miles away from any anxious thought (it does not add up any day in my life anyway if I worry). And with Auj emerging as an improved 'Inday' every morning (she has transformed into this mop-loving and fragrantly cleaning addict) which she told me is some form of ritual she does as an offering and/or sacrifice for a huge request she is asking from the Lord, and which I find truly humbling and admirable; Pio adjusting so well with her bummer life switching from three homes of his choice and not giving me enough stress to take Valium or any tranquilizer; and Nanay peacefully embracing her senility through a consortium of emotional brigade my siblings and I have come up with, life is good!

I am also a big fan of random acts of kindness and I am often guilty of bombarding the Lord with requests of enormously blessing me so that I can be freer to do not random but His constant acts of kindness. To reflect His goodness, that should be our daily purpose.

Love is denied expression by poverty. May this thought unceasingly fuel our desire in striving to outwit and create better versions of ourselves every time we wake up for a brand new day and honestly say I AM AWAKE AND AWAKENED.. I AM ALIVE.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gratitude Challenge: Day 11

Auj says...

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.
~Pablo Picasso

Yes, I still do get rejected once in a while with my writing stints. In fact, here's the most recent one that did not pass the standards of one of my finicky clients:

"I was born to a family of artists. With that fact alone, I can be considered an eccentric and not the usual type of kid who plays the usual types of games. The bottom line is that I was different. I was never the type of child who can’t wait to get out in the afternoon after taking an afternoon siesta just to play hopscotch or tag with the neighbours. So instead, I was in the company of Ladybird books, globes, maps, coloring books and painting sets.

I have always thought that the reason behind all this was that my mother was a very busy and in-demand career woman who never really had enough time for the kids. She was more preoccupied with how to provide for the entire family and meet the needs of everyone, most especially me. Hence, I was always left with my grandparents and uncles who taught me my first childhood games.

My first uncle who was a painter occupied my mornings with short painting classes. He taught me how it was to mix colors to be able to come up with a new set of hues. I was in love with drawing landscapes and painting them to look like they are real. My most favorite ones were the meadows where I imagine myself biking around and blowing on the tiny flower trinkets.

Another of my uncles pushed me into boyish sports. He taught me at a young age of six to box, perform karate and play basketball. However, it became all too rough for my weak body that my mom discouraged any of it for me to pursue. But above all, it was with my grandfather whom I enjoyed playing with the most each time he would spin the globe fast and afterwards ask me to point out a certain continent or country.

All these childhood games I was used to playing are surely not that normal but it all helped me to be somehow like a wonder kid apart from the intelligence enhancing milk products then. It taught me how to read early and end up as tourism major when I reached college. I even think it played a big part of my life right now as a writer."

And just like an obedient child who learns her lessons in life well, I would always remember how Dori taught me to appreciate how it is to be a child all over again, each time I would stumble, fall and hurt others or myself -- that I should stand up, say sorry, and promise to never do it again.

However, making promises is another topic. It is what we learn more about when we get to the age of 8 or so. ;))

I miss being a child. But I love being the me that grew from that child.

Dori says...

I surprisingly found this day's challenge leaving me blank and squeezed to come up with things to be grateful for looking at the world as a child. I wonder if it was because I've taken it upon myself to be in constant marvel in the littlest of everyday occurrences from taking a refreshing shower and smelling real nice and squeeky clean after, to taking a power nap on a comfy bed with cotton satin sheets, to swiftly going down 15 floors skipping the elevator as a cardio exercise, after which at the lobby 7-Eleven gloriously awaits 24/7 for an ice cream craving even in the middle of the night.

I did have a happy childhood where I was left to explore and simply be a kid at play, getting hurt here and there, stumbling from a rough play, having my knees and shoulders bruised from learning how to ride a bike, bonding with cousins who I grew up with and with whom I learned "bahay bahayan, taguan pu, and tumbang preso," and getting my butt spank often for staying too late out in the streets and looking like a "taong grasa" after a whole day's play.

I am blessed beyond measure, and so is everyone else. I have always had that heart and mindset. It only takes to consciously live in gratitude every single minute that pass us by and be in joyful awareness that children never have worry and stress in their vocabulary because of their trusting instincts. We can relive that child in us anytime, everytime. It's up to us. Besides, 21st century has gifted us already with Time Zone and other techy gadgets to be a kid at play and as a great outlet to become irresponsible and make a fool of ourselves sometimes :-).

Friday, January 22, 2010

Gratitude Challenge: Day 10

Dori says...

The first duty of love is to listen. - Paul Tillich

Listening is an attitude of the heart, an art form, a genuine desire to be with another which both attracts and heals. - J. Isham

To listen well is as powerful a means of influence as to talk well and is as essential to all true conversation - Chinese Proverb

If I were to get an insurance coverage for any of my body parts, I guess that would be for my ears because my career relies upon my hearing acuity as a medical transcriptionist, to accurately decipher every bit of medical twang and avoid being sued for putting the wrong terms.

To listen to music, the sound of laughter, the noise of kids having fun and enjoying their youth, the ticking of the clock as time passes by, the splash of waves while strolling on the beach, the keyboard tapping with busy hands at work, the blowing of the wind on a hot summer night, the soft sound of sweet kisses.

These are just some of what we often take for granted and sometimes it takes only a minute of focusing so that we may truly appreciate the gift of hearing. Above all else, being silent and hearing the Lord especially in our quiet times is the best reward our ears can give us. If today nothing right is working for you, take delight in your senses and be grateful. It sure does give me a mood boost every time.

"I see the Lord..." -Ron Kenoly

Auj says...

My Abba Father,

Thank you for the gift of sight and the gift of touch that you have given me. Thank you for the privilege that I serve as witness to the way you start and end choreographing each day with the sunrise and the sunset.

Thank you for through these two senses, you are allowing me to enjoy the most beautiful of Your creations, seeing my loved ones and the physical blessings you have showered upon my life like my present shelter.

I am so grateful to You Lord for letting me use my sight to read Your words and thank You for always touching my hands to write.

Thank You Lord above all for the freedom to worship You anytime and anywhere; that I can meet You even in my own home work station each and every day.

Thank You for the gift of sight. Thank You for making me clearly see that I am richly blessed beyond measure and that sometimes it feels impossible enough to count all the ways that You have filled in my needs. And even my wants.

Thank You Lord for the anointing that You have given to my hands that I can write to You this way, with no hesitation, without any inhibition.

And each day, let me lavish in the vision that You have given me for my future. Thank You Lord that I am not blind to Your love for me.

I love You Abba Father, I love You Jesus, I love you Holy Spirit.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gratitude Challenge: Day 9

“There is a time for risky love. There is a time for extravagant gestures. There is a time to pour out your affections on the one you love. And when the time comes --seize it, don't miss it.”
-Max Lucado

Auj says...

Today, I am grateful for God's gesture of his awesomeness in nature which filled our unit with so much lightness from this view..

And grateful for Dori's kind gesture to do my nails...

However, I think it was more out of what you call a gesture of curiosity. Good job for a first time pedicurist. *applause*

Dori says...

Since people around me involve only these three on a daily basis, I'd start off from smallest to the not so small :-):

Pio - It never fails to make me laugh whenever he sings along with almost every commercial jingle on TV, particularly from the kapamilya channel. One of his favorites nowadays is Manny Villar's political ad and he goes really whacky but in tune with the song. We call him the teleserye boy as well because he watches from Santino to Boys Over Flowers telethon. At least this singing talent lessens my worry of him being a a boob tube addict ;-)

Auj - Such a delight to have her around all day with how she tries to break everyday routine by her choice of music which can radically change from praise songs to rock to hiphop to artists no one has ever heard of up to the 70's genre; her animated face; her witty expressions and comments; and her ability to turn a dull day to a meaningful one. I am so privileged to share her aliveness everyday :-*

Balbs - I am grateful having her around the household for being such a jack of all trades switching from writing to transcribing to Jdorama addicting to music teaching, a handyman/woman, a prey to a bully, a BIG sound board, and a good food sweeper especially when it involves rice and anything with meat :D

Friday, January 15, 2010

Gratitude Challenge: Day 8

And after all these, we should end up grateful. For as I've read in one book, the healthiest emotion is gratefulness. It strengthens our immune system. -Auj Lazaro, Living A Loss (

Auj says...

After just eight days, it's just now that I am realizing this challenge is not that easy. It's not that I am losing any reason to be grateful for or running out of things or people to thank for.. but it is just getting harder. Try this challenge some time. You'll understand what I'm saying.

Anyway, we are asked to thank 5 people today who we feel grateful for. Here's my random five:

Alfonsoness and the entire family -- I am grateful that you are grateful for the beautiful family that you have. Be good for the rest of your life.

Anwar -- I can't even remember a time when we have gotten close in high school, but I do remember you crying over Wilda during High School while singing Before I Let You Go in the middle of the high school quadrangle of Jesu. And then I heard your name again through Bennet. I remember you were one of the constant reasons of our fights, when he hangs out with you. *alam mo na yan kung bakit ;)) Thanks anyway, for with that I learned that I can never change people but I can make my life better.

Jandy -- I am grateful that you are not aware of the troubles of this world and that you won't ever know them. You remind me of what it is like to be a gifted child. Thanks.

Aga -- Thank you for not just being a good friend to me but also a kind and giving brother since college years. Thank you for all the wonderful arguments we've shared along the way.. I know now the kind of partner that fits me. *lol

Che -- Despite your constant teasing at work, setting me up with guys and dudes, you finally had your answer when you left bizsum. Thanks for making one of my 'coming outs' such an easy feat to do. I wish you luck in love and life.

I think I know now why it's hard to find reasons to be grateful each day. It's because we can't even spare time to think of all the rest of the specks that have showered our lives. Just because we think they're specks. At some point, they still are specks. They hurt our eye. Suddenly, they have our attention.

Dori says...

Here are my quick thank you notes to 5 people for this day's challenge:

Giezl - For ever being my most beautiful and reliable niece and God-daughter. I know it's not good to have favorites, but know that you are most often on top of my Christmas list even though all you want is cash, cash, cash.

DJ and Rose of Truescribe - For being God's instrument in giving me this wonderful opportunity of working in my home country at the comforts of my own home earning $$$. Thank you for the past years of productivity and here's hoping for many more.

Keren - For playfully teasing me every time you get the chance. You bring me radical joy beyond comparison. I will never tire buying you Cello's donuts whenever Mamu comes to visit.

Nedee - For the chitchats we have every now and then that make me thankful of friends like you. Life lessons are best learned when shared, so here's hoping for many years more of laughter and heartache stories.

The manong guards at Prince David Condo parking - For graciously assisting me going in and out of the parking and respectly saluting, which reminds me of my reserved military nurse adventures. It's for people like you that this world becomes a happier place to be.

These are just the random people I thought of recognizing and not often do I get to say thank you personally. For all others, you know who you are and you know how grateful I am for the fun times, crying spells, drinking sprees, and travel wonders we have shared together. Muchos gracias.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gratitude Challenge: Day 7

"Like when I'm in the bathroom looking at my toilet paper, I'm like Wow! That's toilet paper? I don't know if we appreciate how much we have. I just want a few things I can treasure. So the things I do have, I'll appreciate - like toilet paper. Just the other day, I said to Jennifer [Rubin], 'Hey Jennifer, maybe we should stop using toilet paper'. We decided to thank the toilet paper instead, so that's what I do when I leave the bathroom. Thank the toilet paper." --Alicia Silverstone

Auj says...

If there's one thing I am really now more grateful about is that we have a better toilet bowl that is not stuck up. You may not realize it, but it could be really hard to accept at times that you feel you are pooping in the middle of a grassy farm land even when you are living right in the heart of the city.

Well, at one point, I think we have a jinx with these toilet bowls. But at least what we have right now is much better now.

I value clean toilet rooms. It is where I used to get to ask myself the darn est questions I won't even have the guts to ask on my own. It's like a war post you rest in when the fight gets all too tough. And no wonder, a lot of people give up some of their own fights too in this room through suicide.

Yes, I am weird. But think about it. You might be able to realize how important the toilet room plays a crucial part in our lives. :)

Dori says...

"It's more than you, it is more than me
No matter what we are, we are a family
This dream is for all of us, this one can be real,
And you cant stop us now because of how you feel..

It's more than you, It is more than me
Whatever dreams we have, they are for the family,
We're not alone anymore now there are others there,
And that dream's big enough for all of us to share."

- Family (Dream Girls)

I just wanted to share how lucky Pio is, having the best moms in the world by his side :D

Christmas really brings out the best in us and I am so glad these pictures captured that moment. I wish life would be as easy as photo editor where we can just, in a few clicks, merge the characters in just one frame. I will continue to dream on :D.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Gratitude Challenge: Day 6

Auj says...

"Without the rest, I found the best..." -Paul Williams

There was a point of time in my life that I gave up believing in the concept of soulmates. I began seeing love as something that we acquire as a result of passion, time and even compatibility. As I challenge myself to go beyond my usual two-year relationships, I discover that I have never ever been more in love than now with another. I know myself well. For all the failed relationships, I guess one of the key factors why they have been ironically successful in failing is that they never hold my interest and respect for quite some time. Not even more than two years.

With this gratitude challenge, I look back at all the people I knew, ex-lovers, friends, families, relatives, and strangers I have met along the way. I realized that they are all flawed people like all of us who just strive hard to keep each other happy. But with or without that consciousness of purpose, I am very proud of the very way Dori and I talk.

Challenge for today instructs that I call someone whom I haven't talked to for quite a long time now and express how much I appreciate them. And yes, it may sound pathetic and sweet all at the same time, but I know that I have never met any other person in my life who is as patient and willing to learn and share as Dori. And that I would like to give her that credit of appreciation.

I checked my cellphone's contacts list and I did not find any name that would make me feel as this grateful as I am now. Part of who I am right now, I owe to Dori, second to being blessed with God's unconditional favor and grace. I reviewed my 300+ friends in facebook and still, I did not find myself moved with any long time acquaintance I may have had in the past. I checked my message box and I realized I have never been this content with just seeing messages from my Mamu and Dori saturating my inbox.

No one can tell if Dori is the one or that anybody else out there is. But I am certain of one thing: that I am willing to endure and stretch out through the distances and our ambitions ahead. Could we be able to make it forever? Are we going to be the best partners we have always dreamt of having one in the past? Nothing is certain and it is just as expected to be skeptical at times. But for now, I plan my life around you love.

I followed the instructions still, didn't I? Besides, I never really get to call you anymore over the phone since we are all over each other anyway everyday. :)

Dori says...

In true love , the smallest distance is too great
the greatest distance can be bridged.
- Hans Nouwens

Let me say that I found myself dumbstruck for awhile there.. surprised big time? you bet; flattered to my bones? why not; delighted? of course; feeling very favored I have you in this life? definitely! I commend you for defying this challenge rule in such a creative fashion and yes, I so love the cheesiness :-*

Now, since you started this virtual phone call, I find myself having no one in mind as well who to call and suddenly feeling that a spiritual call is all I ever want to do. To fill our hearts with gratitude is to feel the Lord's love for us in a broader and wiser scale, so thank you Lord for this empowerment that you bless us with daily. Continue indeed to make us a channel of Your peace, love and generosity, and send forth the people that we need to fulfill Your promises of a beautiful enriched life. May we always be pleasing to You with the way we conduct our lives and in a manner that we lead many more lost souls back to You. Keep us afar from anything and anyone that would tempt us to go astray. Shelter us with Your mercy and grace so that we can reach out to our families, friends and strangers who are desperately longing for love, meaning and purpose. Shine through us Jesus, our friend and savior.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gratitude Challenge: Day 5

To chase the glowing hours with flying feet... -Lord Byron

Auj says...

If given a choice, I surely wouldn't be asking for anything more. But life goes on each day and there is nothing else to do but live life to the fullest while facing up the thought of being scared and angry at times.

Today, I am grateful for all the luxury that I have in my life:

...for this condominium unit I have no idea each month how I can get to afford (believe it or not, by God's grace, the money just pops out in my atm right on time every rent day);

...for crosswind, for helping me steer away from the stress of riding buses and jeepneys and far from the pollution that makes me sick;

...for our work-at-home office chairs, dsl connection, and office tables which makes our daily work much more convenient.

...for Dori, for being such an uplifter of my spirit and who spoils me more than I should ever be treated.

...for God's voice which I hear every day in the random moments of my life -- the voice that presses me on to be thankful.

They're everywhere -- the things I should be grateful for. Thank God I see them, I hear them and for some of them, it even gets to me tangible.

It's amazing how possible it is for us to live with gratitude and some of us do. And it's surprising sometimes how possible it is for the majority in others to live ungrateful and some of us do too.

We can surely live our lives with happiness, love, joy, peace and gratitude everyday.

Why not?

Dori says...

I always remind myself especially during uninvited moments of gloominess or melancholic days that where I am right now is where I exactly should be. That I don't have even the slightest right to feel depressed because I am so blessed at the moment. Among all others, these are on top of my list:

I am reminded of the Lord's love with the privilege of a sunrise view from the window everyday.
The presence of a spirited partner and growing in a committed relationship.
The convenience of having a flexible work sked at home or wherever there's free Wi-Fi and in which I get to maximize my God-given skills of listening and providing employment.
The freedom of choice and being able to balance life.

I realized being grateful becomes easy if we practice being present at the moment, accepting without resistance, and acknowledging that everything happens purposefully. If we try and live in the past or future, we risk wasting away what we already have now. The choice is always ours.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gratitude Challenge: Day 4

If you could live your life again, would you do everything exactly the same? What would you change? Nothing probably. No matter how much I am tempted sometimes to think ill of the horrible and bitter things I've been through, I am always reminded, that these were the very things which made me strong, tough.- Auj Lazaro, an excerpt from her previous blog

Auj says...

Today, I would like to express my gratitude for all the pain and hardships I have gone through in my life as I was growing older.

I am thankful I knew how it is to feel starved without having nothing to eat.. now, I treasure almost every kind of meal.

I am thankful I knew how it is to have felt being lost in all levels and depths of my spirituality.. now, I know that I do not want to let go of God's words and love ever again.

I am thankful I knew how it feels to be mistreated.. now, I have become more gracious.

(and lots and lots more! However, it would defeat the purpose of the challenge for the day to just think of just one.. hence, let us not make it overly complicated to understand.. :))

I think pain is one of the most important and yet misunderstood elements which can make us truly stronger. Its true nature can even be considered as a different sense of blessing. A unique one.

I think that all the more that we avoid pain, we place ourselves farther away from growth as well. It's either we allow it to make us stronger or allow it to make complete strangers of our own selves. What would you choose?

Dori says...

Today I am grateful for still striving to attain my financial goals, at least I'm sure I'm not a slave of money.

I am grateful for having excess weight pre and post holidays. Auj always tells me appetite is a gift.

I am grateful for people who irritate me. It helps me understand why it's important to be understanding and stir away from being self-righteous.

I am grateful for the headaches caused by raising a growing kid. I can't wait until he grows up and becomes a parent himself.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gratitude Challenge: Day 3

"You gotta fall in order to mend..." -Brand New Day

Dori says...

Today I am grateful that I woke up early and spent the morning having breakfast with Auj, read the newspaper and shared opinions. Most especially grateful about being able to openly discuss issues the night before and venting out some stuff bothering me in between sobs. Yes, I am a cry baby :D.

My two cents' worth on this is true communication is not an easy process especially when your guards are off and lashing out emotions means you risk being judged and judging others as well. The real good thing about the process, though, is that it creates a space for adjustment pains and keeps unhealthy suppression at bay, thus creating an atmosphere where two people compromise and respect each other's feelings and beliefs, being honest enough to let it all out without pretension, and at the same time heal yourself of whatever emotional drama is going on inside your head.

"I should know who I am by now.. And I do." - Winter

Auj says...

Today, I feel grateful for being alive. And I am grateful for another zealous spirit that stays alive beside me, Dori's.

I want to thank God for all that He has given me, people and things, such wonderful blessing just to express His love to me and make my life easy. I realize most of the time that just like most people, I may not be spending ample time to thank Him for simply being alive instead of filling it with the same old worries and struggles that everyday may throw at us.

I thank God for always forgiving me for my gratefulness being shortlived at times. It makes me wonder at times that when we utter unanswered prayers, could it be that God is annoyed with the absence of appreciation from our end for the prayers that He answered?

I feel grateful for realizing that I want to be grateful for what I do have and been given.

Gratitude Challenge: Day 2

Dori Says...

I am grateful for...

The A - Z’s of Gratitude

A-ujan who is my pusher to make me think and love a lot.

B-eing in a challenging and fulfilling relationship.

C-hanges that foster new and better comfort zones.

D-eshawn Pio who is my lifetime of ironies.

E-xperiences that knock me out of my feet and make my knees stronger.

F-inances that come just right on time.

G-rowing pains.

H-ome that is warm and sheltered.

I-ce cream that freezes a stressful day.

J-ourneys and travels that I am privileged to learn from.

K-ind people who make life so much easier.

L-aptop that provides me both sustenance and entertainment.

M-oments captured in camera that will make me laugh years from now.

N-anay who nurtured me and prepared me for life's absurdities.

O-pportunities that I have grabbed and did not let pass.

P-eople I've known who still are there once in a while as needs be.

Q-uestions that trigger my mind to function overtime.

R-elationships that give my life meaning and purpose.

S-enses that are all intact, common sense included, at least most of the time.

T-ime and second chances to make it right.

U-nderstanding partner who knows how to support and reach out.

V-ery supportive family and friends that surround me.

W-aiting on the Lord’s promises.

X-partners who contributed to who I am now.

Y-ou my Lord for creating me as unique as I am.

Z-zzzz, the gift of sleep after a long day.

Auj Says...

I am grateful for...

The A - Z’s of Gratitude

A new day full of strength, peace and happiness that I feel each morning upon waking up given graciously by the Lord.

B ank accounts that, so far, are never closing down.

C oin bank (new) that Dori gave me so I can spare some 10% always of my earnings.

D ori, who serves as my steady and affirming partner in life. You inspire me and bring my life joy each day we are together.

E mpathy that I have always been able to grow and nurture abundantly in my life.

F ailures from which I became stronger and learned my life's lessons better.

G uitar which I often ignore when I am too busy, but has always been a good consoling friend when I need some breather.

H eaven and its concept -- which makes me hopeful always for brighter days ahead beyond this earthly life.

I ntuition. The guided kind. It keeps me afloat.

J obs that I have at the moment which is greatly related with my passion to write.

K isses. They make life warmer and make love tangible.

L aptop, which is my best bud at work.

M amu, for raising me up strong, sensible and sensitive.

N oise that happens in my life once in a while which makes me aim for peace unceasingly.

O merta. My awareness of its concept and my time for it everyday dealing and overcoming the negative part of myself.

P io, for bringing the gift of challenge.

Q uaint attitude and personality. It helps me to change.

R econciliation along with the art of forgiveness.

S ympathy in a loving way.

T iny book which Giezl gave where I note down my 2010 nugget thoughts.

U understanding without questioning or complaining.

V ision to have a taste of the future we long to live and arrive at.

W allace Panlilio for being the first person who gave me the opportunity and pursue my gift as a writer.

X 'es for being such wonderful and effective guinea pigs in my life when it comes to relationships. Thank you guys for being so willing, then. And volunteering.

Y osi (cigarettes), for putting up with my stressful times during extensive writing periods.

Z en and Jesus. The art of balance and the fruit of my spiritual fulfillment.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcoming 2010 With The Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty. -Doris Day

We decided to start our gratitude challenge today to begin the year right. We think that there could be no better way to attract more blessings ahead but by being very grateful of the wonderful blessings we have been given in life.

We hold the utmost desire to share to a lot of people this great way of acknowledging the good things we have in our lives that we may just be overlooking most of the time.

Hence, we signed the contract and commit ourselves to this pleasing and fulfilling challenge.

Even if the signatures are not that kind of realistic. I'm grateful for the 'Paint' program. Yes, we are old-school. ;)


If any of you guys want to take up this challenge too, you can visit Thanks Sam Johnson for sharing this. ;)

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