Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Knowing When Christ Is The Center of Relationships - Part 3

You know Christ is the center of your relationship when:

3 - You set your hopes and dreams for each other on God instead of merely trusting it all on each other.

Both of you should not solely rely on each other all the time to pray to God for the relationship to work. You alone are responsible and accountable enough to help the relationship work by planting more on your faith, so that you would have so many good things to share to each other.

There are simply holes in any kind of relationship that we could never mend no matter how hard we try or put in. This is to serve as proof that for these holes, God is the only one who can take the place of mending and filling them up. God loves us more than anyone of us can love others.

How could any relationship be better than loving each other and being aware of how grateful you should both be to the Lord for allowing you to spend life together?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Your Valentine's Messages!

It's time for some Cheese!

From: Mike

To: Sheree

Valentines Message:

If I were to buy you a bunch of roses, I would place a plastic one in the middle, then say "My love will be the last one to die". Happy Valentine's Day!

From: Aimee Coreign P. Rabanal
To: Jefferson Ong Lim

Valentines Message:

Life became life when I met you …

These pictures was taken last November 2010 in Hongkong with my boyfriend and his family. I would like to post this to show the world how much I love you and how much you mean to me.

For more than 6 years of being together and still counting, my love hasn't changed and it just grows everyday despite the distance and differences. Your the one who makes me believe that everything is possible, that no religion or culture and even in miles can make someone stop from loving a person. We grew together and became a better person as we put God in the center of our relationship, that's the reason that makes us holding into each others hands, until forever.

Hon, Thanks for being my best friend, my true friend and my boyfriend. Thanks for always standing by me. Your the person I count on. Since, I'll be leaving the country after a month, I want to say this.. I”ll be always thinking of you. I promise I will always be your hon. Please wait for me...

I love you so much.. Always take care of my heart :) xoxo

From: Roby
To: Cel

You brighten my day with the sound of your voice, you bring so much laughter and love, you are everything to me and I was so blessed when God sent you here for me. Glad I was married to you! Happy Valentine's!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Knowing When Christ Is The Center of Relationships - Part 2

You know Christ is the center of your relationship when:

2 – You do not fall in love. You walk in love, together. (holding hands in the spirit)

Many people usually stumble upon the wrong perspective that you date around and find someone to be in a relationship – only to replace the last one you were with. We forget to think that every new person we meet is like having a brand new book you are so interested to read and know how things will turn out to be in the end. 

This just means that when you date, you must go out with someone whom you are ‘considering’ to be spending the rest of your life with. Of course, others may say that living that kind of dating life is hard, idealistic and full of pressure. Henceforth we placed quotation marks around the word considering. This means that you should not just get a relationship. You should be in it. 

One of the most important things compatibility factors you should consider is that desire for God to be in the midst of your relationship. That is one most people forget to take note of. As a couple, you must build up each other’s faith and you can start by simple encouragements that go a long way. 

If you do not want your relationship to stumble, then you better not start with ‘falling’ in love when you can love better by ‘walking’ in love. 

*to be continued

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