Monday, January 10, 2011

Dealing With Cheating

‘Cheating’ can be such a dreaded word to many. We may find a lot of suggestions especially from married couple on how you would handle cheating in relationships, but the truth is that there is no wrong or right answer to it. There are those who never get past the denial stage while some choose a confrontation, forgive and move on. But even the most successful relationships that have forgiven and forgotten still somehow end up in a certain pattern of infidelity. There are others who just simply walk out of the relationship.

The best thing one can do is to take full responsibility for your choice of a partner. Admit it. You may have at one point valued other things above your happiness as a couple. Maybe you have been way too clingy and hard to accept the truth. 

We are not saying that you have yourself to blame above all these. What we mean with taking responsibility is being able to stand up for the role you take in the relationship, take of note of all the lessons learned, forgive and move on, way away from it. You must be able to grow from the experience of loving and that is by learning how to shift from just seeing your relationship with partner as mere attachment but also to an abundant life full of peace of mind, joy and security. 

The key in steering away from cheating in relationships is to figure out the kind of connection you are comfortable with. You should be able to recognize what would work best for you since everyone is unique. And if at one point in your life, you have cheated or been cheated, remember the lessons it taught you. Most often the best lessons in life are the ones that result to total heartbreak.

We wish everyone relationships that are abundant in love and peace this 2011!

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