Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How To Become Generous This Christmas Without Spending A Cent

How come we get doubtful or a bit shocked when we are told the phrase ‘I love you’ out of the blue and without a reason? This is the very question I asked myself when I read my younger sister’s text message to me last night that I came to read just when I woke up this morning – 

‘Love you te.’ :)

Maybe we find it strange because we are so used to what we routinely hear or see in our lives which make us become afraid of changes – even the littlest of ones. 

If there’s one best lesson that I loved learning this year as we welcome the new one is becoming emotionally generous. In reality, we do not have to do anything big or daunting if we want our relationships to grow. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple expression of gratitude, a random show of concern and kindness, and a lot more that does not even require money from our bank accounts

For as long as we do things with a genuinely pure heart and clean intentions, we get back so much more for ourselves especially when we do not expect things in return. With this, we can be more driven with all the love, courage, faith and positivity that we need in our lives. And this is something that never goes out of stock, especially if you would try giving it out these coming holidays. 

Truly, *the things that are hard to say are usually the most important

*Photo and quote credit to tweets today of @samberlin


  1. Hi! Your blog was recently tagged as Blog-A-Licious! Do keep your great posts coming!
    Cheers - Dora

  2. Thanks a lot for this nice recognition. We see it as an advance Christmas gift. :)


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