Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Official Christmas Wish List for 2010 Holidays

It is seldom that I come up with my own Christmas wish list. But I have decided to make one to welcome December right. Here goes:

1. Women's topsider or any Preppy Women's Boat Shoe. I want to have a comfortable pair of walking shoes aside from my all time, immortal rubber shoes and Birkenstock slippers.

2. A Sportswatch - I already have both gold and silver watches for formal and semi-formal attires. Never had a reliable waterproof sportswatch for our travels.

3. White Mountain Bike. It's been two years since I last aimed to buy a bike like this one. It's about time.. :)

4. A thinner and junior sized acoustic electric guitar. I have been planning to sell my old Fernando guitar this year to get a new one.

5. iPod Classic. I am writing this while singing 'Don't stop believing..'. Always aimed with buying one for myself, always failed.

6. Hot and Cold Shower. To blow those cold shoulders and feverish nights away.

7. Marks and Spencer Gathered Top (3/4 sleeve). I have never followed up on buying another one for myself due to budget constraints. 'Heaven' - that's the feel of the Marks and Spencer clothing material.

8. New Book. It's been years, I think, since I last went inside any Powerbooks branch. Would love to have this one.

That's just about it. It's not always about the money, but c'mon.. everyone loves cash.

23 days before Christmas.  :)


  1. Those are all my Christmas wishes too Aujan....

  2. Hope you get what you desire. Seems like you have a theme of all things white, except for the top which is green.

  3. gusto ko din ng para magamit papuntang office...
    well im crossing my fingers na naway mabigay ito ng labidudabs mo... hehehe


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