Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Knowing When Christ Is The Center of Relationships - Part 3

You know Christ is the center of your relationship when:

3 - You set your hopes and dreams for each other on God instead of merely trusting it all on each other.

Both of you should not solely rely on each other all the time to pray to God for the relationship to work. You alone are responsible and accountable enough to help the relationship work by planting more on your faith, so that you would have so many good things to share to each other.

There are simply holes in any kind of relationship that we could never mend no matter how hard we try or put in. This is to serve as proof that for these holes, God is the only one who can take the place of mending and filling them up. God loves us more than anyone of us can love others.

How could any relationship be better than loving each other and being aware of how grateful you should both be to the Lord for allowing you to spend life together?

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