Monday, June 13, 2011

The Big M

Love is grand. Divorce is worth a hundred grand.

So stay in love, no matter what, if you do not want to double your expenses in the long run.


To my nieces (and probably nephew) planning to and getting married soon, may you be guided by these three principles of MARRIAGE:

1. Love alone is NOT enough for a marriage to work; FEAR OF THE LORD is. You have to make a firm resolve that your life as a married person will be completely devoted to creating a family that is reflective of the Lord's love and goodness. Being Christ-centered means honoring and serving your partner, working together towards the enrichment and building of each other's character in the way Jesus showed us, dying for oneself because you're not two individuals anymore with your own separate desires but united already as ONE in marriage. May you both have a burning desire to seek His will in all the decisions that you have to do as a married couple, being aware of your roles as a man and a woman in the marriage. For guidance, read Ephesians 5:21-33.

2. Marriage is a LIFETIME bond. Therefore, make sure you can visualize the rest of your life with your partner, that no matter how ugly and old and fat he/she gets, you will love unconditionally, unchanging and unselfishly, loving your partner as you love yourself. That is called AGAPE love, the God kind of love. That does not mean you will tolerate each other's sinful nature, instead strengthen each other in weakness and practice tough love.

3. RESPECT and SUBMISSION to one another are the foundation of a good marriage. "Submit to one another OUT OF REVERENCE FOR CHRIST." Remember, when you get married, you are not alone anymore in any decision you make, so communication is paramount to a harmonious relationship. There would be many times you will have varied opinions and views, but the key is to meet halfway, kick ego and stupid drama away, stand on the side of sensibility and wise judgment, and come up with a COMPROMISE that would work for BOTH. You can best express your love for one another by respecting and celebrating each person's uniqueness. Learn from each other and make 'good change' a part of your unchanging love for one another. Make certain you hold each other's TRUST dearly, for once broken, it might be like going through hell to regain.

I am so happy you chose a path greater than the road I travel in the "Singleblessedness Road". Count on me to always be praying for you, that grace abound your relationships, and that all things would work out for your good, so that as married couples, you will be a great addition to the Lord's ministry. I wish you joy and overflowing love all the days of your married life!

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  1. You've got some awesome advice as well as insight.

    would you mind checking out my friend's blog? With the sort of things you write about, I'd be surprised if you don't find his stuff intriguing, to say the least.


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