Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chasing Useless Dreams

Many of us chase fantasies just when we thought they are the biggest dreams of our lives. We all dream of living that grand life which we think can finally let us be the kind of individuals we dream for ourselves. But how do we even know if all the things that we are working hard for are aligned with God’s plans?

On a personal note, I guess it all starts with listening. This blog may have received as much criticism as the praises it has attained but we continue to strive our best to open a free venue of thoughts and reflections that later define who we are. It might also take a shift in which dreams to prioritize that maybe we are skipping on the huge ones that we might think are way too simple like working on goals of honesty, patience, love and wisdom. These may not seem too exciting but these are things that can determine future that is eternal in the long run.

The next time we dream, shall we take the time to ponder first if we have cared to listen to what God’s voice has to say? For us to be able to hear His voice, we must be willing to listen first. And treat it as normal that what we might hear from Him may not always be that comfortable for us. Take time to think of the goals and dreams that will cover the more important aspects of our lives.

We must start learning how to listen to God’s voice first and do our best to obey Him – right at that moment we heard it.

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