Monday, August 22, 2011

We’re All In This Together

Several years ago, I still remember Dori always wondering why we seldom fight. I personally like the fact that we never often do but once issues come around, you can expect one hot fight to happen.

In every relationship, I believe that conflicts arising once in a while can still be considered healthy. But to have those arguments as often as daily, then this can become one serious matter to handle. Arguments can only still be healthy if you maintain that goal of agreeing on one thing than proving that one of you is right.

There is no way that you can win an argument by only proving that you are the one who is right. You should go back to the root problem that arguments can happen when something has bothered you about the other person, something offensive has been done, or you actually stumble upon a misunderstanding that you both agree was a misunderstanding.

This is one good thing that I applaud me and Dori about: with our every argument, we make it our goal to come up with a solution that will be satisfactory to us both. It takes some shouting sometimes just to release some of that steam, especially someone like me who seldom gets angry, but blows off easy.

The key is to come up with a solution. Come back to the history of it all that you love each other. And that this should not change even when disagreements come. You do not literally fight each other; you fight with each other for the relationship to survive.

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