Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our Dogs’ First Road Stop: Zambales

A few years ago, I remember myself turning down Dori each time she would tell me to go for an outing with Pio or other friends who would also bring their own kids.  It was one of our leading topics for our arguments that seldom happen. My reason: I find our travel time together as a way to get away from all the stress of work and family life and get to reconnect with our true selves and appreciate the blessings of the Lord to us both. 

However, at the back of my mind then, it was clear to me that I only needed time to realize and prepare that I am really entering a new phase in my life – this part where I am motivated to be responsible, all the more mature, and selfless. Here comes now the time that the level of happiness me and Dori enjoy is not anymore limited to the two of us, but extends to many. It is not just with Pio this time but also with my disabled aunt Tita Ubeng and our four loving and intelligent dogs – Attack, Ready, Getsy and Go-Go. 

Here are my most favorite moments during our first road trip with the dogs as we head to Anawangin Cove. 

Subic Stop-over

Dori with our (twin-like) dogs Go-Go and Getsy

Attack's nervous look during his first boat ride

Go-Go inside her fence cage at Anawangin Cove

Getsy and Ready done eating sand :p

With the four dogs and Tita Ubeng

The trip was not perfect at all for stress was definitely here and there. In fact, I always kid Dori about comparing our situation with shows like John and Kate Plus Eight. It is that chaotic but this is where you learn and appreciate the best lessons in life you could ever learn. 

Yes, I still do miss occasionally traveling alone with Dori. But somehow, now, we do not feel more complete than spending our blessings with the family we call our own. Even if it means it is composed of a mentally retard, a reading disabled kid, and four children which all have fur and paws. 

We are blessed. 

Looking forward to more of our dog road trips.

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