Monday, May 2, 2011

Easy, Sleepy Mondays

If there is a problem to deal with Mondays is that we are too sleepy to get up, start the week and work. It is just such a blessing to sleep especially when you would look back on days when life’s problems keep you awake for several days. I believe it is as precious as relationships, time, and appetite. Besides it caught my interest to have read recent research that afternoon naps can make you smarter.

Don’t you agree that it is that exact time after you have just taken lunch that you feel most sleepy? The psychology research says that it can improve your memory and other mental abilities. This is due to the scientific reason that the time after lunch is when the brain is at a very low point and is wanting to rest.

Hence, a lot of Americans envy those who live in Latin America and other Asian countries like the Philippines who carry out the concept of taking a siesta. With that, I feel grateful too for working homebased. Which office would allow you to take naps as part of your working schedule? Maybe in Google, who knows.

These naps can go from 45 to 90 minutes to make you perform better throughout the day. This should make corporate people think twice about firing their employees who take quick naps while at work. And this should make kids like Pio value the time they are given to get to sleep in the afternoon. And also, make me be convinced all the more why Dori is as tall as she is.

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