Friday, March 5, 2010

Gratitude Challenge: Day 17

“I learned just enough in school to figure out that everything is not all there is to know.

Dori says...

Today I am most grateful about Auj's gift to Pio of a new appliance, a study table and chair combo. Now Pio has a specific place he can call his own in addition to his mobile home (the tent where he plays and watches TV during daytime and sleeping at night).

This gives me renewed faith and that there is hope after all for Pio to at least be motivated to study at home and have an interest in schooling. It will indeed be a glorious day when he finally learns to read fluently.

The table, though, is multi-functional. See how eating, playing and learning ABCs can be incorporated in such a small space :D.

Thank you for being such a Dharma in our lives and for treating Pio like your own. You make my life so poignantly sweet.

Muchos gracias Tita Auj. You make my life joyfully bittersweet. - Pio

Work while you have the light. You are responsible for the talent that has been entrusted to you.
- Henri Frederick Amiel

Auj says...

I want to be grateful today for work. Yes, it has been such an exhausting week but no matter tired I get, there must really be something different when you love the work that you are doing. And when you are particularly good at it. The fruits of this labor reaches out to more people than I can imagine. It enables me to raise a so-called 7 year old son who knows how to claim his benefits from me everytime he is home and to family and a few friends that always make me feel needed, even if it is merely about finances.

I learn a lot from working. Not just because I write about a wide array of topics each day, but because I learn a lot about others and myself. Who would ever thought online freelance writing would be God's major means of blessing me? And now that I have embraced this line of work, each day, each month, and each year is a brand new one I look forward to.

I am grateful that my work pushes me to try. And in one point in the middle of the way, I learn to decide on not failing. To choose to succeed always. I learned in this career that the probability of succeeding gets greater when there is less safety nets in place. This very concept keeps me grounded and lets me aim for the higher cliffs. Survival will always kick in.

Most of us only learn from our mistakes just when the bubble had already burst in our faces. I am really not sure how I would describe the interesting points that get inside my brain everyday which makes me decide on how I would want something to happen, and it happens. All I know is that when you think deep inside you that you are doubtful and unsure, then everything about you in your life would surely agree on the same concept.

As always, like what the experts say in self-help books, it does not matter how you will get to your desired destination. All that matters is knowing that you will get to that place, no matter what happens, no matter what it takes. When we free ourselves of excuses, we eradicate all the heavy weight of indecision.

And then, just like me, you'll reach a point where success becomes inevitable. And that you are just waiting for the right time when it finally takes place.

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  1. Auj, you are such a sweet and wonderful person, and finally Pio got his own space (diff. kind of office)I was so happy seeing Pio's face speaking so gratefully for this wonderful gift of yours... I have seen you being a mom and dad to him and i would like to tell you that you passed this life's changes with flying colors, very few people can take both roles to a kid that is quite different like sweet and kind but at times so stubborn but he brought a lot of joy and happiness...from my heart thru Pio, thank you so much for loving these two (Ms.D and Pio) gorgeous people...


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