Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gratitude Challenge: Day 21

We have a problem. 'Congratulations.' But it's a tough problem. 'Then double congratulations.'
-- W. Clement Stone

Auj says...

I guess when you have reached the finish line, there's nothing much to say.. but to savor all the learnings, the hard work and the tough times that you have to get through before you achieve the winnings.

If there's one most important thing that I have learned with this gratitude challenge is to learn to live my life again, one bite at a time. One kiss, one love.

Like what the rest of the positive thinkers in the world say: The end is just the beginning. :)


Dori says...

I just have two simple reflections at the end of this wonderful Gratitude challenge..

First, how we value time is reflective of how we honor life. Sometimes we get caught in physiological and emotional swamps that make gratefulness such a huge challenge. When things get rough and we're physically and mentally worn down, it's never easy to maintain that thankful aura and not let our faith wax and wane, but when we do soak ourselves in gratitude despite the difficult circumstances, when we focus on what's going great instead of what's wrong or lacking at the present moment, a spiritual shift happens and definitely there is clarity once more. A renewed spirit springs up.

It only takes for us to savor and cherish the wonderful times that life is treating us well and concomitantly be wary and receptive during times when it seems the devil's advocates are busy testing our very core.

Second, that time is getting shorter everyday and any moment we might leave this world with all the catastrophes going around. So after this challenge, I vow to travel light, take full swing of the ropes I'm given, be ready to meet my Creator anytime, and spread His word to as many as I can.

This challenge has profoundly deepen my outlook and I consider this such an accomplishment for us. Thank you Auj for always helping me fill up the empty spaces and for simply being there. ;-*

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  1. i was meaning to do my own gratitude journal but my spirit is weak hahaha. auj you are right in saying that when you've reached the finish line all you have left to do is take it all in, and that's prolly the only time the real lessons will sink in.

    i've always been a positive thinker all my life, the kind that's grounded on realities. i hope i can sustain it through more challenging times ahead. :)


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