Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gratitude Challenge: Day 16

"Eto Aujan ang mahiwagang salamin sa harap mo. Ano ang nakikita mo?" - Boy

Auj says...

No matter how much I claim of knowing myself well enough, I still find it too daunting to talk or write about myself. What's more, the good points about me. If I would follow the gratitude challenge by the letter today, then this might sound all too boring, for I have never really seen or imagined myself as like those who are truly headturners.

Hence, I would just choose to make this short and live up to the instructions for today, still, at least, by making a message for myself:

"I would like to congratulate you for a job well done. Others may not be aware of it, but the mark of your tired eyes is everything that makes it all too worthy for you.

Thank God for your pimple-free face even without the regular facials. It reminds you of your stressful days that make you feel grateful of how they have been all gone and over.

No matter how others say that you won't live long for your ears are too small, just think that everything would be just fine. Everyone dies in time anyway. And if you ever die ahead of everybody else you know, I am sure you would have already lived most of your life and did already what you have ought to do.

No matter how weird looking your extra toe can be, it will always be a point of envy for others. Why? It is one proof that you deserve a life of luxury that just like your delicate extra toe, you cannot and should not settle for just anything ordinary. To provide for its comfort demands time, patience and a high cost. Just like you.

I wish you had smoother soles though. If this is your own 'catch', then maybe you were really some kind of a farmer in another life.

But I think you're funny and that you are okay. Really you are. Try not to forget about it. Do not worry too much about being a wreck. Always remember to believe in love, to never get too hokey, to take care of yourself and to not be a f*cking pedestal bitch. I love you and care about you."

I am grateful to have heard from myself that she loves me. It's been a long time. :)

Dori says...

This challenge I call Vanity Day since it calls for looking in front of the mirror and reflecting on 5 things I appreciate about myself. When I did actually take a look while chopping garlic and onions (since the only big mirror we have is placed right at the sink), I made a laughable, really huge smile and felt grateful that I still have most of my teeth intact even though they seem to be talking back saying a visit to the dentist would be a great idea for some oral prophylaxis and a few permanent filling. They're way better off than having dentures which I might misplace and Pio mistake it as a toy, put on his mouth, and eventually destroy. Just the thought makes me shudder.

I then looked at my eyes. Nothing to appreciate much especially in the morning when they look like quarter moons and my eyelids are still lazily hanging over each other, my eyes peaking through the tiny slit. What I am thankful for, though, is I still have 20/20 vision even with a decade past of being in front of the computer and straining them at work. Good that I love carrots and pumpkins and anything orange.

My hair? What can I ask for? They require the least of my attention as they fall in the right places and even if they don't, they still look fine especially now that morning look is in and thanks to Lady Gaga, bangs rule.

I have two moles on my face right on the nose which my late Aunt Remy told me was good luck for business. I held on to that insight since then and I guess subliminally prepared me for the little businesses I have tried before including the foot pedal venture.

Lastly, I am glad for this wonderfully made body frame that Auj thinks is cute and a lot warmer to hug. I am working on it, though, really now. :p

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