Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Are You 100% Authentic To Yourself and Your Relationship?

For two straight days now, we have been closely watching how Shalani Soledad would do as the co-host of Willie Revillame. For months now, it has been one of the leading topics of every Filipino of what caused the breakup between Shalani and President Noynoy. According to news snippets, PNoy missed Shalani’s pilot episodes and wished her well for her newfound endeavor. Above all these, there is one thing I have to say: regardless of the fact of being public figures, both should be authentic to one’s self. 

To be authentic matters a lot for a relationship to survive. Authenticity is being true to yourself to be true to others. 

Oftentimes, miscommunication becomes the stumbling block in every relationship. And the simple reason why we were not able to give a lucid message is because we are not clear ourselves. For example, you are in a relationship that you think has no future anymore. Then decide for yourself to not extend what is inevitable. ‘No more drama’ as what Mary J. Blige says in one of her songs. It takes a lot of bravery for a confrontation but it will render you a lot of new lessons to learn in life that would bring you closer to yourself even if it means being apart from another person.

Just like in any other aspect of your life that you think is not working anymore, what you have to do is unfasten yourself from it. If it is a clear message that you want to give, then remember that your actions and words must match. Feelings of sadness, fear, bravery, and triumph are all needed to bring you that sense of authenticity that you need for yourself.

In the end, you find something much better that awaits you.

With that, I hope Shalani would improve in the coming days as a host and realize that she exudes the aura of a depressed, love-sick girl who was left behind even if she tries to cover it. Lighten up! :)

And I hope the President would start asking for his PR team to have a strategy on how to keep his love life in private. Honestly, it sounds cheap to hear that most of the news you would hear about our president would be who he is dating next. 

Thanks to Willie. The presence of Shalani as his new co-host mattered more to majority of Filipinos even if Korina Sanchez and Noli de Castro were sent back to anchor TV Patrol.

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