Sunday, November 7, 2010

We Are In Love

It was just last Saturday when we met him. And at first sight, we fell head over heels for him. He is all that you would look in a guy.. smart, funny, adorable and ‘macho’. His name? Attack. He is our newest pet male pug.

Many think that having a pet is a very easy thing to do especially when you think about the joy and love it can bring to you. But it really entails a lot of accountability when you get to take care of one. And what most somehow disregard are the life and relationship skills that we can learn from taking care of a pet.

Being Responsible
Your pet is counting on you to render whatever it is that they need. Feeding and grooming them are just two of the things that can deepen your relationship with each other.

It really takes a lot of patience to be consistent with training your pet to do the right things around the home. Just like in life, it teaches you that all these can really pay off in the end.

Setting Goals
It teaches you how to set goals with a time frame especially when you want to teach them some tricks or maybe as a simple as house training. 

Becoming a Good Communicator
Having a pet will teach you how to express your feelings well since you need to talk to your pet and show mush every once in a while.

Above all, there is kindness. To have a pet is one effective way to practice kindness and compassion, especially when it finally gets to you that you should treat it just the same as you would treat your dearest friends and family.

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