Thursday, November 11, 2010

Relationships 101 Is Out: Partnership 101 Is In

Partnership. This has been the term I have constantly attached to the word ‘relationship’ since I met Dori. Apart from the fact that I never really made it well with my past so-called ‘relationships’, I learned with the person that I am with now the more solid values that serve as keys to a successful relationship. It is quite unnerving to be always asked why I am still single and give me that dubious look of what I am up to. But never was I moved especially when I always ponder of how much luckier I see myself than the others my age who are either too young to have kids and too old to be flirting around still. 

I learned through time that it does not matter how much you would view a relationship to be but to see it as a breathable avenue for dynamism and growth. I may have failed before a few times and so, because I have not been fully aware of the characteristics that I need to take the time to appreciate and learn. 

With honesty, trust, communication, respect, resolution of conflict, responsibility, being your real selves, romance and humor, you can definitely see the bright light of a successful relationship shining through you. Respect and humor are often the underrated characteristics but in reality, play a huge impact on what we make out of the relationships we are in. 

I still get the usual question of when I would get married or when will I have my own kids. I am yet to reach my thirties, but I don’t give a damn. I’d always wish to be the person that I am now rather than be a slouchy housewife too busy with her kids and husband to even remember herself still. Or be a striving single mom who works hard for the money alone just for mere survival. 

I am happy. That is what relationships should make you feel so. That’s what’s important. 

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