Monday, November 15, 2010

Lessons In Life I See Myself Learning Ten Years After

Ten years from now, I will be in my own resort house writing my own books with the view of my own farm. When I grow older, I’d like to tend plants and harvest a variety of crops which would also lead to giving opportunities for people to have work. Ten years from now, I do not want to work hard for the money anymore but instead I would want it to work hard for me. 

By that time, I would like to remember looking back at this post and seeing it true that these will be the major lessons I have learned in the span of that time frame.

How it is to let go. I am sure that when I look back at my twenties, I will not be able to tell the number of times I got angry or frustrated with a person. I will learn that when we get to feel bad over someone or something, we waste time and energy on that negative energy while blocking the positive energy to come into our lives instead.

Do not take things personal for it’s often not about you. I will remember and learn that when others do hurtful things to me, oftentimes it is not about me. In this world, people has a great deal of issues to tackle and when they become incapable of handling these issues, they would project these to you.

Persistence pays off well. I will remember by then that I was persistent in everything I do which means I was busy building daily deposits to my future while the rest are just spending time surfing the Internet or watching the television.

Relationships are great teachers. When you get into a relationship, you see a clear reflection of yourself which in our subconscious is the reflection of our own needs, biases and insecurities. I will learn that it is true when they say you never really get to know real hurt unless you have had your own heart broken in a relationship.

Enjoy everything to its utmost. I will learn that I will be grateful to look back in my twenties without having any feeling of regret with anything that I may have wanted to do and experience in my life. I will never put off things tomorrow that are actually due for today. And that includes not just work, but also happiness, without making a mess out of others’ lives.

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