Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gratitude Challenge: Day 5

To chase the glowing hours with flying feet... -Lord Byron

Auj says...

If given a choice, I surely wouldn't be asking for anything more. But life goes on each day and there is nothing else to do but live life to the fullest while facing up the thought of being scared and angry at times.

Today, I am grateful for all the luxury that I have in my life:

...for this condominium unit I have no idea each month how I can get to afford (believe it or not, by God's grace, the money just pops out in my atm right on time every rent day);

...for crosswind, for helping me steer away from the stress of riding buses and jeepneys and far from the pollution that makes me sick;

...for our work-at-home office chairs, dsl connection, and office tables which makes our daily work much more convenient.

...for Dori, for being such an uplifter of my spirit and who spoils me more than I should ever be treated.

...for God's voice which I hear every day in the random moments of my life -- the voice that presses me on to be thankful.

They're everywhere -- the things I should be grateful for. Thank God I see them, I hear them and for some of them, it even gets to me tangible.

It's amazing how possible it is for us to live with gratitude and some of us do. And it's surprising sometimes how possible it is for the majority in others to live ungrateful and some of us do too.

We can surely live our lives with happiness, love, joy, peace and gratitude everyday.

Why not?

Dori says...

I always remind myself especially during uninvited moments of gloominess or melancholic days that where I am right now is where I exactly should be. That I don't have even the slightest right to feel depressed because I am so blessed at the moment. Among all others, these are on top of my list:

I am reminded of the Lord's love with the privilege of a sunrise view from the window everyday.
The presence of a spirited partner and growing in a committed relationship.
The convenience of having a flexible work sked at home or wherever there's free Wi-Fi and in which I get to maximize my God-given skills of listening and providing employment.
The freedom of choice and being able to balance life.

I realized being grateful becomes easy if we practice being present at the moment, accepting without resistance, and acknowledging that everything happens purposefully. If we try and live in the past or future, we risk wasting away what we already have now. The choice is always ours.

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