Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gratitude Challenge: Day 9

“There is a time for risky love. There is a time for extravagant gestures. There is a time to pour out your affections on the one you love. And when the time comes --seize it, don't miss it.”
-Max Lucado

Auj says...

Today, I am grateful for God's gesture of his awesomeness in nature which filled our unit with so much lightness from this view..

And grateful for Dori's kind gesture to do my nails...

However, I think it was more out of what you call a gesture of curiosity. Good job for a first time pedicurist. *applause*

Dori says...

Since people around me involve only these three on a daily basis, I'd start off from smallest to the not so small :-):

Pio - It never fails to make me laugh whenever he sings along with almost every commercial jingle on TV, particularly from the kapamilya channel. One of his favorites nowadays is Manny Villar's political ad and he goes really whacky but in tune with the song. We call him the teleserye boy as well because he watches from Santino to Boys Over Flowers telethon. At least this singing talent lessens my worry of him being a a boob tube addict ;-)

Auj - Such a delight to have her around all day with how she tries to break everyday routine by her choice of music which can radically change from praise songs to rock to hiphop to artists no one has ever heard of up to the 70's genre; her animated face; her witty expressions and comments; and her ability to turn a dull day to a meaningful one. I am so privileged to share her aliveness everyday :-*

Balbs - I am grateful having her around the household for being such a jack of all trades switching from writing to transcribing to Jdorama addicting to music teaching, a handyman/woman, a prey to a bully, a BIG sound board, and a good food sweeper especially when it involves rice and anything with meat :D


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  2. it's been a while since i went "blog" again.

    kung mayroon mang isang bagay akong ipinagpapasalamat sa mundo ay naglalang siya ng mga taong nakakayanan ang mga katopakan ko sa buhay. ang mga pagkakataon na ninanais kong magpailalim sa taijin kyofusho. sa pagtulog ng 13hrs pag nagkakapanahon. at ang weekend beer-soju night.

    as always, i'm thankful that there is a place in your hearts that would give a white fur-less panda like me a natural habitat. :D God speed. :D


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