Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gratitude Challenge: Day 2

Dori Says...

I am grateful for...

The A - Z’s of Gratitude

A-ujan who is my pusher to make me think and love a lot.

B-eing in a challenging and fulfilling relationship.

C-hanges that foster new and better comfort zones.

D-eshawn Pio who is my lifetime of ironies.

E-xperiences that knock me out of my feet and make my knees stronger.

F-inances that come just right on time.

G-rowing pains.

H-ome that is warm and sheltered.

I-ce cream that freezes a stressful day.

J-ourneys and travels that I am privileged to learn from.

K-ind people who make life so much easier.

L-aptop that provides me both sustenance and entertainment.

M-oments captured in camera that will make me laugh years from now.

N-anay who nurtured me and prepared me for life's absurdities.

O-pportunities that I have grabbed and did not let pass.

P-eople I've known who still are there once in a while as needs be.

Q-uestions that trigger my mind to function overtime.

R-elationships that give my life meaning and purpose.

S-enses that are all intact, common sense included, at least most of the time.

T-ime and second chances to make it right.

U-nderstanding partner who knows how to support and reach out.

V-ery supportive family and friends that surround me.

W-aiting on the Lord’s promises.

X-partners who contributed to who I am now.

Y-ou my Lord for creating me as unique as I am.

Z-zzzz, the gift of sleep after a long day.

Auj Says...

I am grateful for...

The A - Z’s of Gratitude

A new day full of strength, peace and happiness that I feel each morning upon waking up given graciously by the Lord.

B ank accounts that, so far, are never closing down.

C oin bank (new) that Dori gave me so I can spare some 10% always of my earnings.

D ori, who serves as my steady and affirming partner in life. You inspire me and bring my life joy each day we are together.

E mpathy that I have always been able to grow and nurture abundantly in my life.

F ailures from which I became stronger and learned my life's lessons better.

G uitar which I often ignore when I am too busy, but has always been a good consoling friend when I need some breather.

H eaven and its concept -- which makes me hopeful always for brighter days ahead beyond this earthly life.

I ntuition. The guided kind. It keeps me afloat.

J obs that I have at the moment which is greatly related with my passion to write.

K isses. They make life warmer and make love tangible.

L aptop, which is my best bud at work.

M amu, for raising me up strong, sensible and sensitive.

N oise that happens in my life once in a while which makes me aim for peace unceasingly.

O merta. My awareness of its concept and my time for it everyday dealing and overcoming the negative part of myself.

P io, for bringing the gift of challenge.

Q uaint attitude and personality. It helps me to change.

R econciliation along with the art of forgiveness.

S ympathy in a loving way.

T iny book which Giezl gave where I note down my 2010 nugget thoughts.

U understanding without questioning or complaining.

V ision to have a taste of the future we long to live and arrive at.

W allace Panlilio for being the first person who gave me the opportunity and pursue my gift as a writer.

X 'es for being such wonderful and effective guinea pigs in my life when it comes to relationships. Thank you guys for being so willing, then. And volunteering.

Y osi (cigarettes), for putting up with my stressful times during extensive writing periods.

Z en and Jesus. The art of balance and the fruit of my spiritual fulfillment.


  1. There's a lot of things we should be grateful for. Things we often take for granted...and if this means you post more often...I'm grateful for that too. :)

  2. Thanks Lyn.. You never fail to flatter us with your lovely comments. ;)


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