Friday, January 15, 2010

Gratitude Challenge: Day 8

And after all these, we should end up grateful. For as I've read in one book, the healthiest emotion is gratefulness. It strengthens our immune system. -Auj Lazaro, Living A Loss (

Auj says...

After just eight days, it's just now that I am realizing this challenge is not that easy. It's not that I am losing any reason to be grateful for or running out of things or people to thank for.. but it is just getting harder. Try this challenge some time. You'll understand what I'm saying.

Anyway, we are asked to thank 5 people today who we feel grateful for. Here's my random five:

Alfonsoness and the entire family -- I am grateful that you are grateful for the beautiful family that you have. Be good for the rest of your life.

Anwar -- I can't even remember a time when we have gotten close in high school, but I do remember you crying over Wilda during High School while singing Before I Let You Go in the middle of the high school quadrangle of Jesu. And then I heard your name again through Bennet. I remember you were one of the constant reasons of our fights, when he hangs out with you. *alam mo na yan kung bakit ;)) Thanks anyway, for with that I learned that I can never change people but I can make my life better.

Jandy -- I am grateful that you are not aware of the troubles of this world and that you won't ever know them. You remind me of what it is like to be a gifted child. Thanks.

Aga -- Thank you for not just being a good friend to me but also a kind and giving brother since college years. Thank you for all the wonderful arguments we've shared along the way.. I know now the kind of partner that fits me. *lol

Che -- Despite your constant teasing at work, setting me up with guys and dudes, you finally had your answer when you left bizsum. Thanks for making one of my 'coming outs' such an easy feat to do. I wish you luck in love and life.

I think I know now why it's hard to find reasons to be grateful each day. It's because we can't even spare time to think of all the rest of the specks that have showered our lives. Just because we think they're specks. At some point, they still are specks. They hurt our eye. Suddenly, they have our attention.

Dori says...

Here are my quick thank you notes to 5 people for this day's challenge:

Giezl - For ever being my most beautiful and reliable niece and God-daughter. I know it's not good to have favorites, but know that you are most often on top of my Christmas list even though all you want is cash, cash, cash.

DJ and Rose of Truescribe - For being God's instrument in giving me this wonderful opportunity of working in my home country at the comforts of my own home earning $$$. Thank you for the past years of productivity and here's hoping for many more.

Keren - For playfully teasing me every time you get the chance. You bring me radical joy beyond comparison. I will never tire buying you Cello's donuts whenever Mamu comes to visit.

Nedee - For the chitchats we have every now and then that make me thankful of friends like you. Life lessons are best learned when shared, so here's hoping for many years more of laughter and heartache stories.

The manong guards at Prince David Condo parking - For graciously assisting me going in and out of the parking and respectly saluting, which reminds me of my reserved military nurse adventures. It's for people like you that this world becomes a happier place to be.

These are just the random people I thought of recognizing and not often do I get to say thank you personally. For all others, you know who you are and you know how grateful I am for the fun times, crying spells, drinking sprees, and travel wonders we have shared together. Muchos gracias.

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  1. I love this series... would not attempt to do it myself though. I get too distracted with everyday stuff. Kudos to you guys!


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