Monday, January 11, 2010

Gratitude Challenge: Day 6

Auj says...

"Without the rest, I found the best..." -Paul Williams

There was a point of time in my life that I gave up believing in the concept of soulmates. I began seeing love as something that we acquire as a result of passion, time and even compatibility. As I challenge myself to go beyond my usual two-year relationships, I discover that I have never ever been more in love than now with another. I know myself well. For all the failed relationships, I guess one of the key factors why they have been ironically successful in failing is that they never hold my interest and respect for quite some time. Not even more than two years.

With this gratitude challenge, I look back at all the people I knew, ex-lovers, friends, families, relatives, and strangers I have met along the way. I realized that they are all flawed people like all of us who just strive hard to keep each other happy. But with or without that consciousness of purpose, I am very proud of the very way Dori and I talk.

Challenge for today instructs that I call someone whom I haven't talked to for quite a long time now and express how much I appreciate them. And yes, it may sound pathetic and sweet all at the same time, but I know that I have never met any other person in my life who is as patient and willing to learn and share as Dori. And that I would like to give her that credit of appreciation.

I checked my cellphone's contacts list and I did not find any name that would make me feel as this grateful as I am now. Part of who I am right now, I owe to Dori, second to being blessed with God's unconditional favor and grace. I reviewed my 300+ friends in facebook and still, I did not find myself moved with any long time acquaintance I may have had in the past. I checked my message box and I realized I have never been this content with just seeing messages from my Mamu and Dori saturating my inbox.

No one can tell if Dori is the one or that anybody else out there is. But I am certain of one thing: that I am willing to endure and stretch out through the distances and our ambitions ahead. Could we be able to make it forever? Are we going to be the best partners we have always dreamt of having one in the past? Nothing is certain and it is just as expected to be skeptical at times. But for now, I plan my life around you love.

I followed the instructions still, didn't I? Besides, I never really get to call you anymore over the phone since we are all over each other anyway everyday. :)

Dori says...

In true love , the smallest distance is too great
the greatest distance can be bridged.
- Hans Nouwens

Let me say that I found myself dumbstruck for awhile there.. surprised big time? you bet; flattered to my bones? why not; delighted? of course; feeling very favored I have you in this life? definitely! I commend you for defying this challenge rule in such a creative fashion and yes, I so love the cheesiness :-*

Now, since you started this virtual phone call, I find myself having no one in mind as well who to call and suddenly feeling that a spiritual call is all I ever want to do. To fill our hearts with gratitude is to feel the Lord's love for us in a broader and wiser scale, so thank you Lord for this empowerment that you bless us with daily. Continue indeed to make us a channel of Your peace, love and generosity, and send forth the people that we need to fulfill Your promises of a beautiful enriched life. May we always be pleasing to You with the way we conduct our lives and in a manner that we lead many more lost souls back to You. Keep us afar from anything and anyone that would tempt us to go astray. Shelter us with Your mercy and grace so that we can reach out to our families, friends and strangers who are desperately longing for love, meaning and purpose. Shine through us Jesus, our friend and savior.

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  1. Oo nga, with all the people and "friends" we have there's really just a few that you can honestly say you could not live without. Cheesy but sweet...ang weird pakinggan but that's life. What can we do? (",)


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